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Song Arrangements Forums Please

We've been sharing arrangements knowledge on the facebook group,
"Song Rhythm Tracks Fans and Users"

but it would be much better if we could do it here because the searching of history is so much better - you seem to loose history on facebook.

The sort of thing I'm thinking of is -
What's the song form of this song?
What rhythm do you use for this song?
How do you arrange this song in the Song Rhythm Tracks app?
Please share your arrangement for this song using the app! What name did you give it?

Could we please have a forum to do that? THX

We do have the "SongForm" forum, but I guess that might not be broad enough, so I'll create an "Arrangements Sharing" one which is more about arrangements sharing.

There is an Song-Arrangements wiki at
that might be a good resource to use for that, except that is more general than just Alive Drumming's Song Rhythm Tracks. It's worth considering though if you do want something more than rhythm tracks.
Matt Hargreaves,
I've done it Wendy. Use "Song Arrangements", one forum up,
Matt Hargreaves,

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