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Feature Request: Allow any user-defined SongForm using an algebraic naming scheme.
Alive Drumming is considering allowing arbitrary length, user-defined SongForms using the scheme below,
4|4|4|4 (like a 16-bar Tune)
8|8/8|8 (like 32-bar AABA)
12|4|8/6|4 (for a scheme with no convenient name currently)
This scheme would supplement the current one of picking a SongForm from a list. i.e. the user could choose either method.
Pro - Reduces or removes the limitation on the SongForms to be used with the app.
Pro - Improves the usability of the app for many people who do not readily know the meaning of the SongForms names used currently.
Con - May introduce additional complexity for some users.
This feature has been delivered now. I use it all the time. Works a treat! And it isn't a bit complicated. It's easy!

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